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There are many churches preaching the Word of God and pursuing Biblical truths. They’re a refuge to those who see-through worn-out liturgies, formula-driven messages, and the Madison Avenue approach. They preach salvation, moral purity and love of others. Lives are being changed as converts meet Jesus. Some of these churches pursue spiritual gifts and even have healing services. Sometimes, people are healed, but unfortunately, most often they return to their seats in the same condition they went forward. Why are so few healed?

What might happen if the miraculous broke out today as it did in the days of Jesus and the apostles? Not only would the whole world know about it, they’d come running, and multitudes would believe. Is there an understandable explanation for the current lack of supernatural manifestations? Well of course there is, but it’s hidden…like an elephant in the room is hidden.

This book is intended to shed some light on the elephant and bring understanding.

I was depressed after I became a Christian! I know, Jesus is supposed to set you free, but for reasons explained in the book, it worked the opposite for me. And of course, Jesus wasn’t the problem; it was the devil and me. I was tricked and trapped. But God didn’t intend to leave me that way, and today, it’s been thirty years since I’ve been depressed!

We often react to thoughts emotionally before we’re conscious of them. That’s why you can start feeling depressed without having a clue why. It can be scary and confusing if you don’t understand how the process works. It is like a big boogieman, hiding in the dark recesses of your mind and emotions. He just shows up out of nowhere and makes you feel bad. You live in dread of him because you can’t control him; he controls you and keeps your life on hold. But it’s possible to confront this intruder, close the door he’s using, and run him out of your life.

When the doctor told me I had cancer, I felt my entire life spinning out of control. Over the ensuing weeks, that feeling didn’t go away, even though I was a Christian who believed in supernatural healing. I had no idea that I was beginning a journey that would not only end in my healing, but also show me why so many people are not healed and what I could do to help them. God gave me a message that every believer needs to hear.

In business and industry there are many ways of accomplishing certain goals, but there is something called “best practices.” These ways are proven to have the best results time after time. We all have to decide for ourselves what best practices means. What I’ve written is an attempt to describe what I believe to be best practices, or the way that God has provided to maintain health and heal us. I had cancer and tried man’s wisdom and it failed. When I turned 100% to God, He healed me.