Rogue Star

Neither makeup nor stage presence could hide the commentator’s pale ghostly appearance as he struggled to get his words out.

“Earlier in the week we learned that the rogue star, Xiao, will miss the earth. But now, we have this special bulletin just in; the latest calculations show that a comic vortex, caused by the passing star’s gravitational field, will displace our entire solar system.”

What would happen if the entire world population found out they had six months to live?

Seth, a rural firefighter, pulled Nicki from the fuselage of a plane just before the wreckage tumbled into a gorge. Over the next month they fell in love and had everything to look forward to until they heard the news about the star.

Dwyer and Cassie, two teens on opposite trajectories, as unlikely to mix as oil and water, were forced together to survive. In the chaos following the news of the star, Dwyer killed a man who attacked Cassie. They buried him together to cover the deed.

Connor and Pilar, a middle-aged language arts teacher and a bank manager, barely escaped Portland’s rampaging mobs to become stranded in central Oregon with thousands of other refugees.

Three couples, thrown together by fate and entangled in a quest to live through the meltdown of society, discover that one of them has the answer that will enable them to survive.

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