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For by that one offering, he forever made perfect those who are being made holy. Heb. 10:14
What does this mean? It sure sounds as if the Bible says we’re perfect, something that most Christians would deny. But it’s true; Jesus did make us perfect, as this and several other places in the New Testament say.

Try looking at it this way: What if you were building a house? First you would look for the right piece of land. Your realtor takes you to one that has good southern exposure, not too much slope and the right school district. Perfect! You buy it. Is it a house yet? No, but it’s still perfect.

Next, your builder sends the excavator to dig out the foundation. The excavator digs precisely to the stakes the surveyor put in. A few hours later, the hole is level and the excavated earth is set aside for backfill. Perfect. The foundation men come, set up their forms and pour the foundation. After they’re done, you measure the diagonals on the stem walls. Perfect. The framers set the floor joist… Are you getting the idea? It’s not a house yet, but as long as it follows the plans, it’s perfect in every stage of development.

Consider Romans 8:28; All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose for their life. If you are obediently pursuing God’s purpose for your life, you can wake up each morning and know that you are perfect. Are you a house yet? No, but you are exactly what you are supposed to be at any given time in the process. PERFECT. Perfectly clean, perfectly at peace, perfectly right with God. Enjoy the journey.

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